City of Darkness

The city of Tokyo, Japan is more than meets the eye. Walking the streets along with the humans are demons, vampires, and several other creatures we've always been told don't exsist. By looking at them, you could never tell. You can only wonder.
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 Trouble in paradise

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Blaire Evans

Blaire Evans

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PostSubject: Trouble in paradise   Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:56 pm

Blaire had been walking along the beach in her cute purple bikini. Many men were staring at her, scanning her body up and down. True it was embarrassing, but Blaire wouldn't let that interrupt her day at the beach. That is until someone grabbed her ass. She squeaked and tunred around. "Pervert!" she shouted. Then she went for a swim before losing her top. She had no choice and left the water, in the form of a cat. But as soon as she was in the middle of the beach, her magic wore off and she turned back into a human, leaving her F cup breasts visible to everyone. She took off her hat and covered herself with it as she cused under her breath.
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Maikeru Akami

Maikeru Akami

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PostSubject: Re: Trouble in paradise   Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:34 pm

Miaikeru was runnning on the beach for his morning exercise he hated feeling lazy and useless but now that he had the money to dress appropiately he wanted to be in shape and feel better about his self image. He wore a jacket a grey muscle shirt underneath as well as a pair of shorts and cross country shoes. Running along the beach he stopped when he saw a young women in need never realizing he had meet her twice each time never asking her name or noticing her figure and at the moment all he saw was someone in need. Maikeru removed his coat and randomly draped it over her shoulders closing his eyes and taking her hat so he could zipup the jacket. "There that's better." was all maikeru said when he was done and then walked off without really much else to say.
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Trouble in paradise
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