City of Darkness

The city of Tokyo, Japan is more than meets the eye. Walking the streets along with the humans are demons, vampires, and several other creatures we've always been told don't exsist. By looking at them, you could never tell. You can only wonder.
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 Kokoa Shuuzen

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Kokoa Shuuzen

Kokoa Shuuzen

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PostSubject: Kokoa Shuuzen   Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:57 pm

Name:Kokoamiya Shuuzen
Alias (What you go by/are called):Kokoa, Koko-chan
Race:Half Vampire
Racial Powers:Amazing vampire strength
Appearence (You can put a picture here, if you like):

Red hair, usually in pigtails, green eyes,and fangs.
Personality (2 lines at least):Kokoa may seem cute sweet and innocent when you first meet her, she will become fiery, hyperactive, and spunky once you get to know her. She loves causing trouble and pulling pranks. And when it comes to older geek guys she finds attractive, she constantly teases them and playfullhy flirts with them.
Bio (4 lines at least):Kokoa Moka and Maka's father was a womanizer. He cheated on Moka and Maka's mom with a human. Kokoa was shunned by everyone in their family except for her two sisters. But when Kokoa was five, she was kidnapped y humans in order to be tested for expiriments. But when she turned eight she was one of the prettiest little girls in Tokyo and her keeper constantly raped her. When she escaped at the age of ten, she was found by an 18 year old and his twin kept her as a 'pet' before she was saved by a mysterious bat who could turn into a weapon.She soon learned how to use it.
Interesting facts:Is half vampire, is secretly suicidal,younger sister to Moka and Maka Shuuzen
Special Powers:Can use a special bat with shape shifting powers as a weapon, can either give or take blood by injecting blood through her fangs.
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Maikeru Akami

Maikeru Akami

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PostSubject: Re: Kokoa Shuuzen   Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:58 am

Welcome to the site, I myself am new to it and waiting to be approved so I can start. But I liked your bio.
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Skyler Roushiro

Skyler Roushiro

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PostSubject: Re: Kokoa Shuuzen   Mon Oct 05, 2009 10:54 am


Daemon Burusaki-

John Ronin-

Zaro Harumashi-

Ikuto Tsukoraki -
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PostSubject: Re: Kokoa Shuuzen   

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Kokoa Shuuzen
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