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The city of Tokyo, Japan is more than meets the eye. Walking the streets along with the humans are demons, vampires, and several other creatures we've always been told don't exsist. By looking at them, you could never tell. You can only wonder.
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 Shuuzen Twins, Moka, and Maka

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Moka Shuuzen

Moka Shuuzen

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PostSubject: Shuuzen Twins, Moka, and Maka   Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:55 am

Name:Mokashiya Shuuzen
Alias (What you go by/are called):Moka
Racial Powers:She has the typical vampric strength as any vampire has and of course she can suck blood.

Appearence (You can put a picture here, if you like):Moka has soft pink hair that comes to about her lower back. She has round, sea green eyes, unlike her sister. She has fair skin and doesn't tan. But she burns! She wears a necklace with a cross on it that contains a special charm that Moka REALLY needs.

Personality (2 lines at least):Cheerful and positive, Moka's natural good looks get the attention of many of the males in Tokyo Though good natured, she possesses a bit of naivety that draws her into problematic situations.

Bio (4 lines at least):(READ INTERESTING FACTS BEFORE THIS!!!)When moka was little she was always defended by her older sister Maka. She was constantly being picked on by other vampires, and many tried to ite her for certain reasons. Soon Maka left town and traveled to Tokyo for some reason she refused to tell anyone. Moka had to fend for herself but soon found out a terrifying fact about herself. One day at the beach Moka's blood was increasing alot. But she held the blood back. Soon enough it came flowing out of her mouth and she had to suck a young boy's blood. She was chased out of town. She then came to Tokyo where according to her sister there were many vampires. Maka sealed a charm inside a necklace to keep vampires with the exception of her away from Moka. She now has lived happily in Tokyo for about a month.

With the introduction of Moka's half-vampire sister, Kokomiya Shuzen, Kokoa became distressed when her role model, Maka left town, and spent the next years chasing her sister in order to fight and talk to her. While Maka loves Kokoa as a sibling, she finds her younger sister "too clingy" and Moka dislikes Kokoa's penchant for attacking her constantly in order to force her to talk to her.

Interesting facts:What makes Moka different from most vampires is that she is not a blood sucker. she is a blood maker. Whenever she drinks someone's blood, or is around anyone who is depressed, her blood will increase, making her gush out blood from either her nose, or mouth. Her blood also attracts vampires, and vampires are able to suck blood from a blood maker. She therefore has to wear a special charm made by her sister, in order to repel any vampires that aren't S ranked like Moka's sister is.

Special Powers:
She can also heal any wound by marking the person with her blood. She also has the power to pause time, and read minds.
Makashiya Shuuzen

Name:Makashiya Shuuzen
Alias (What you go by/are called):Maka
Racial Powers:She has the typical vampric strength as any vampire has and of course she can suck blood.

Appearence (You can put a picture here, if you like):Maka has pencil straight, silver hair that goes down to her lower back. While her sister's eyes are round and green, hers are almond shaped, and the color of her eyes are crimson. Her skin is extremely pale and it doesn't tan or burn. She has a bigger bust than her sister does and she is also about 3 inches taller. While she is scary looking many older men find her beautiful.

Personality (2 lines at least):Maka is rather scary.This somewhat cold and reserved vampire is deeply aristocratic and arrogant, looking down upon all manner of monsters - a completely different entity from her twin sister. She is stone cold silent around most people. She seems to dislike nekos but no one is sure as to why.

Bio (4 lines at least):Maka was a vampire protoge. Everyone saw her to have amazing potential. She was extremely strong compared to her younger sister. She always defended her beloved younger twin. She loved her sister so much. but then she found out about her younger sister who was aparently stolen and taken to Tokyo for test runs. She left the next day to look for her. There she continued training as a vampire and when she was 15 she was classified as an S Ranked vampire. She noticed soon that she was not te only one who was not a human. She figured she would continue looking for her yonger sister some more. She had no luck. Then she found her twin, Moka. She had come there in need of help. She had just been run out of town! Maka created a charmed necklace for Moka to wear in order to repel the other vampires in tokyo and only Maka can remove it.

Interesting facts:.She has a twin sister and a younger half vampire sister named Kokomiya. She and her sisters all shortened there unique names. She didn't choose to, but her twin got into the habit of just calling her "Maka" and so she stuck with it. She is an S rank vampire and is incredibly strong. Hates nekos for unknown reasons.

Special Powers:Can rewrite a person's memory, control a person's mind, and is able to use spells that even witches aren't able to use. she can only use her first two powers on a person ONCE.

Just in case you cant guess who is who, Maka is on the left and moka is on the right.
Maka:Blue dress, white hair, red eyes
Moka:Red dress, Pink hair, green eyes
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Skyler Roushiro

Skyler Roushiro

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PostSubject: Re: Shuuzen Twins, Moka, and Maka   Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:29 am


Daemon Burusaki-

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Shuuzen Twins, Moka, and Maka
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