City of Darkness

The city of Tokyo, Japan is more than meets the eye. Walking the streets along with the humans are demons, vampires, and several other creatures we've always been told don't exsist. By looking at them, you could never tell. You can only wonder.
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 Blaire Evans

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Blaire Evans


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PostSubject: Blaire Evans   Sun Sep 13, 2009 3:23 pm





Racial Powers:Can charm a person by getting them to look into their eyes and can make a man her eternal slave by kissing them, so as you can guess, she hasn't had her first kiss b/c she's afraid of what might happen.

Appearence:To put it bluntly, Blaire is a hottie. She has a heart shaped face and almond shaped eyes. Her eyes are a glowing shade of amber. They always sparkle at night. She is certainly no typical wart on the nose greasy white haired green skinned witch. She has nice soft shiny purple short hair. But her bangs are nice and long and they even curl at the end. Her skin is very fair and has a cute shade of pink. She has rosy cheeks and nice lush lips. But what guys notice about Blaire as son as they see her is her amazing body. Her legs are nice and soft and almost never have to be shaved. Her hips are nice and round. Not bony at all. She has a nice flat toned stomach with nice curves on the sides. And lastly, her breasts. Yes they are very large. She has to wear an F cup. Guys can never stop staring at the poor girl's boobs. And it irritates the hell out of her with the way they drool all over them.

Bio (4 lines at least):When Blaire was a child she was not used to getting any attention. She was another child among five. The only difference was that she was a succubus and had more abilities. but she was so young, how was she supposed to know that? since she was the only succubus everyone ignored her since her mother was killed. Her fther's side of the family hated her mother for being a succubus. then a year after Blaire was born they killed her. Te rest of her family were all witches and warlocks. They called her freak and insulted her constantly. They hated her for something she had no control over. Then one day she ran away. She lived on her own for so long until a young man took her into his home when she was about eleven. They soon started dating. But then a realative of her mom's told her about her succubus abilities and how if she kissed a man, he'd become her eternal slave. She was devastated. Soon, she decided she truly loved the boy and gave up her ability to charm a man. But then, a day later, her boyfriend ran off with another girl. She was so furious she stole all of his money and kept it for herself. She started fortune-telling until she became famous for it. People from all over recognize her for her profession.

Interesting facts:She is amazing at weather, love, and fortune predictions.

Special Powers:
Blaire has the power to sprout wings and grow her nails out as long as a sword and they are much sharper than any 2 edged sword. She is extremely strong. She can also use powers that allow her to control objects with her mind. She usues spells like halloween canon, pumpkin bombs, and transform whenever she wants to turn into a cat. She used to be able to control a person's mind by looking them in the eyes but she gave that ability up long ago after she found out she couldn't even kiss her own boyfriend or he'd become her eternal slave! And she didn't want him to be her slave. She can create many illusions. she is known for using these illusions for getting back at any girls who hurt her very deeply, or to girls she just doesn't like.And she can also see the future, which is a power she is very famous for.

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PostSubject: Re: Blaire Evans   Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:57 am

Okay, two things if you don't mind. Could you change your username to Blaire or Blaire Evans and get a picture up as your avatar? After you do that I'll approve you. Very Happy
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Your good to go, Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Blaire Evans   Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:31 pm

Pretty detailed, nice and simple, but great and unique

Daemon Burusaki-

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Blaire Evans
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