City of Darkness

The city of Tokyo, Japan is more than meets the eye. Walking the streets along with the humans are demons, vampires, and several other creatures we've always been told don't exsist. By looking at them, you could never tell. You can only wonder.
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PostSubject: Official Staff   Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:14 am

This is the official staff list of this site, at least until we get more people. When we do get more people though, it will more or less stay the same, so pay attention!

Ayaami (Dani)

Helios the Five

Graphic Designer:
Tobi (Ashlin)

Skyler (Also named John! That is so ironic! xD)


I will add to the list of moderaters and admins when more people join. Until then, this is it.
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Official Staff
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